Lovestay - EP


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Karl Arthur Wandel
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Karl Arthur Wandel First purchase of bandcamp, and man I'm glad.I waited so long for this. This is the best EP I've ever purchased!
I like barracks for a while now and these few songs made me love them! Hope they're gonna bring out an album soon. :) Favorite track: Afterall.
Connor Christian
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Connor Christian Saw you guys before Alexisonfire in auckland and missed out on buying a cd and tshirt. good shit Favorite track: Lovestay.
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released October 13, 2016

Recorded by Nate / Barracks at MIM Studios, Red Dog Studios and Martin's house, 2016. Mixed and mastered by Nate.

Cover art by Kelsey Ipsen.

All music written by Barracks. All lyrics by Jared Ipsen.

On this EP, Barracks was:

Jared Ipsen - vocals
Hunter Branch - bass / vocals
Martin Mihaka - guitar
Tom Revell - guitar
Simon Power - drums



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BARRACKS New Zealand

Post hardcore band from New Zealand. New EP 'Lovestay' out now

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Track Name: Fallaway
Oh, fallaway, fallaway
No love to make love stay
Whatcha say, whatcha say
Just give me one more day

Everything stays the same same)

I'll be here, I'll be here
To see out the season again
Feels like winter everywhere

You were here, you were here
With the pavement inside your legs
And my ghosts inside your head

Oh, I thought we still had time
And now you've become one in mine

Not afraid of these ghosts anymore
Feel more empty than ever before
No peace to this meaning I've found
And all I have left are these secret sounds
Track Name: Lovestay
I'm wasting time
If you're not wasting mine, wasting mine
Just tell me that it's fine if I stay here tonight

I'll be the first to admit I'm not who I was before
Can't keep my feet on the ground but I can still taste the fall
I'm not going back, I've felt the ground before
I'm not going back, I've felt the ground before

So just do this one favour for me
So just let this love stay

Love stay)
Track Name: Afterall
People making blurs as we drive, we drive
I hope you never become one in mine

Night painted blue on the walls
I painted you up all wrong
Don't notice you drift away anymore
No matter what I do the sun still comes up after all

After all
The same as it ever was

Days upon days of this fog
I hope we don't get lost in this cold
Don't notice you drift away anymore
We are the truth to the stories we're told
Track Name: Paris
The street we grew up
Is still the same as it ever was
The trains still don't run
We drown in the river when winter comes

I hope you remember me
The way that I used to be
I'll still be here right where you left me

Right where you left me)

Every day this place is a little more empty

And winter comes
This place not your home
This life not the one you wanted to live
So you don't

I only remember you the way that you used to be
Now every day this place is a little more empty

This place not your, this life not the one)
Track Name: Don't

So this is everything you wanted
All of this only left you wanting
Days and weeks only left forgotten
Ways and means to keep myself forgetting, I wonder

If I just stayed here forever
Would you just let it happen

Don't let this bury you anymore
Buried you more than I did before

Night painted blue in your thoughts
I buried you like I did before
You're burning out hands painted red
I buried you and I'd do it again