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released September 1, 2014

Recorded by Nathan Sowter in 2014 at The Lab (Auckland) and his house (Tauranga). All lyrics / music by Barracks. Additional vocals by Nathan Sowter. Produced, mixed and mastered by Nate.

Cover art by Barracks / Patrick Rowe. Logo by Yesterday's Tomorrow.

Re-released in 2015 as a deluxe CD with two bonus tracks (the original demo for Walls and an acoustic version of Asleep with Jennie from Devilskin).

All music written by Barracks and Hunter Branch. Lyrics by Jared Ipsen / Barracks. Jennie appears courtesy of herself.

On this album, Barracks was:

Jared Ipsen - vocals
Martin Mihaka - guitar / vocals
Tom Revell - guitar
Kane Lazenby - bass
Simon Power - drums



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BARRACKS New Zealand

Post hardcore band from New Zealand. New EP 'Lovestay' out now

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Track Name: Asleep
I think I've been asleep my whole life
Wasted the days, weeks and years passed me by
Screaming hopeless songs to a world that won't listen
Take back the clock to find out when I went missing.

My bones break
My teeth shake
I haven't
I haven't
Track Name: What You Said
I've been running for most of my life
From something that I can't seem to find
I can't remember why I'm so scared

But I remember what you said
That this is nothing new
You said what you said
You gave me shit so there's nothing to lose

This is nothing new
I just hope you've got nothing to lose cos I do

We've seen better days
All these things that I'm trying to change
I showed you my ghosts
Then I became your own
Track Name: Pavement
Are there ghosts in my house
Because lately I've been hearing
Gnash teeth marking the pavement
Cold bones break in the evening
The floor boards are creaking now
You should be sleeping now
But I keep having the same dream
That they're coming to get me

Show me the cracks in the pavement
Show me the dark in your dreams when you're dreaming
Show me your underneath
Show me your skin in the sheets

I never saw the way out through the cracks in the floor
Track Name: We Are Ghosts
I walked down the pale corridors
Silent shufflers in the streets are
Silent shufflers in the sheets

And here you are

We are ghosts in the windows of homes
Show me why you're not afraid anymore

We with colourful throats
The words that I write
Are the words that I owe
Track Name: Strangers
You've got them cold, dead eyes
Minutes like razors, hours like knives
The places where the day just wore down your spine
Sometimes you can live and still not feel alive

Watching the sun go down
Waiting for the night to come around
I know what I said, I know how you felt
Now I just want you to come around and

Just forget everything
Show me the places you won't let anyone else in

We could be strangers

You've got them cold, dead eyes
Your demons escaped and they ate you alive
The night comes in cold and it crawls down your spine
Track Name: Tide
I can see the sun in your eyes
And it burns out and pulls me in at night
Your eyelids wane and change with the tide
I just want you to know that everything will be alright

You left a mark in the sky
But we're lost for now
Your lips are moving
But I can't hear a sound

There's ice on your skin
Slow-frozen gray
I just can't speak
I don't know what to say

You're swimming through my blood again
Hang heavy in the winter rain
Track Name: Scatter
Scatter, scatter

They scattered your bones from the inside of trees
Rings around fingers from years and then leaves
Footsteps like roots itch the halls in the summer
Words cut like knives from the throats of another

I swear he said "throw me to the waves
or bury me where I lay"

No refuge in sin from blood or red wine
I found god in a pill but faith comes with a price
Track Name: Held Down
Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my head
Every day I lose some leverage
Every day I'm giving in
Like a rat afraid to take a step
Living in fear of breaking my own neck

This is where the panic sets in
First world paranoia of blood that won't thicken
I keep bending my chains but they just won't give
In a world where your paycheck says how much you can live

We need to break out
I won't be held down
Track Name: Paper Eyes
Are we afraid of our own voices
I'm buried under concrete weighted down by my own vices
Are we just clay and dirt, broken down and reinvented
This voice is your own, bouncing off the walls

Just listen
"I am afraid"

Everywhere I walk, paper eyes follow me
I'm sick and tired of always being told who to be

Are we so caught in our own traps
Invented disorders keep us locked inside our heads
We all need someone to blame
But I'm the one responsible for where I am today
Track Name: Walls
I feel like I haven't slept in weeks
Making maps of this town on the soles of my feet
Do you remember we spent the nights indoors
Now I've been outside I know

How much of this can we bear before we find out
We've heard it all before, we spoke it all ourselves
It's easy to take the wrong meaning from the words that we say
So now I have to speak up and break down the walls that we've made

You're worth more than this
Don't sell yourself short

You're left with nothing except
The people that stood on you and left you for dead
I'd rather lose this all in exchange for the truth
Than be someone like you

I feel like I've been asleep for weeks
These are my nightmares, can't wake from this dream
I'm not fucking blind
I won't sell myself short this time

In the end we all have the same demons
Track Name: Closer
Let me tell you a secret, why they're all so scared
Let me let you in, inside my fucked up head
We used to jump shadows, tried not to fall in
But last night I did and I lost everything

So come a little closer
Don't come any closer

Walked down Caernarvon 'til we were alone
I just didn't want him to follow me home
The darkness made me believe in the sun
You're trapped with me now and there's no place to run

So come a little closer
Don't come any closer

I'm not you
You're not real
You're not here
Track Name: Wake Up
You used to tell me everything would be alright
But that never stopped me from lying awake at night
The lives I'd never live, the songs I'd never sing
Drowning in my own fucking memories

Lift your skinny fists, kid
The scraping of the city's growing concrete in your skin

I won't give in
Remember the songs we used to sing

Hold on now, keep breathing
It still isn't over yet

Lift your fists and fight back
Track Name: Fight Back
I won't give in
Remember the songs we used to sing
I won't give in
I promise this time it will be different